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I'm using the term, "The Starlit Ones" to refer specifically to Elves and Sidhe who have come here to live among humans as mortals in this world. I did not use the term "Otherkin" because it is too all inclusive and would take weeks to write. "Starlit Ones" narrows the subject down to Elves or Sidhe, but distinguishes these beings from the ones who live beyond the veil. To further narrow it down, the Starlit Ones refer to a particular type of Elf or Sidhe who is of the Earth, yet also of the Stars, and is aware in both the terrestrial and celestial realms. "Stars" also refers to the stars within the earth - the power within the land, which is visible to those who are able to perceive beneath the surface of the world's manifestations to their true form and core existence.

My belief is that the Starlit Ones can be made so by several pathways. One is the pathway of blood. It has been said that the Elves and the Fae beyond the veil have come to this realm at times and have interbred with humans. Those descended from their offspring may possess certain abilities and affinities that are not found elsewhere, such as the ability to See beyond the physical. It was said in times past that in order for a monarch to become King, a queen of the faerie lineage would first have to make him so by sacred rites of communion.

Even farther back than this, seekers were able to partake of the "Trees of Life" at the Groves of Eloah/Asherah (and the equivalent in other areas of the world). I believe this goddess (and other "deities" of the world) may have been representatives of the Sidhe seen through the filters of the time, and that they had the ability to extend lifespans by giving mortals the 'fruit of the trees of life' to eat. There are many theories as to what this fruit was, but given the designation of the priestesses as 'harlots,' my feeling is that it was Asherah herself or a representative who was related by blood. I suspect that certain types of tantric practices with a Sidhe from beyond the veil would extend the lifespan of the seeker, explaining the fantastically long lifespans recorded in some accounts.

In later times this practice was abolished and its practitioners killed. Without the renewal of the Trees of Life (the Sidhe and the Singing Groves), the lifespans of the descendants of the Sidhe (the Starlit Ones) dwindled and became comparable to other mortals.

The second way in which a Starlit One may come to be in this realm is by reincarnation. If by some means an Elf beyond the veil (on this world or another) meets with an unfortunate ending (such as what happened to certain of my friends), they may reincarnate here. I have never been able to understand, though, why such a being would not simply reincarnate in his/her own world. There must be some other reason involved. There is the possibility that an Elf or Sidhe beyond the veil would actually *choose* to reincarnate here. Given their nature, this seems much more likely to me. However, what puzzles me is, why? This question leads to the third way in which a Starlit one can come into being (in my opinion).

I believe that a Starlit One may come into being by Contact. Contact with other Starlit Ones in this realm or with the Elves and Sidhe beyond the veil may increase one's affinities to the point where there will occur an 'awakening' of sorts. If there is any fae in there whatsoever (no matter how little), it will 'wake up' and will begin to influence the individual in a way that the person's affinities may start to shift toward a greater perception of the whole and its underlying connectedness. That person will, in turn, shift other people, and so forth. This may be one of the reasons the reincarnated ones chose to come here: to affect others in this way. The more people are affected like this, the greater the chance that the critical mass necessary for a massive reality shift will be available. This is not about revolution or taking up arms. it is about affecting something or someone in just the right manner to ... Shift them. And if that Shift occurs in just the right way, then reality may begin to follow it...

One of the greater affinities possessed by the Starlit Ones that I've met is a deep love of wild, untouched nature, both on earth and in deep space. This translates to a lot of pain when confronted with destruction on a mass scale. This sensitivity to the Wild is at the core of the abilities that many Starlit Ones have -- even if they seldom walk in the woods. Even the most urban of them sometimes claims a tiny patch of weeds somewhere in a forgotten corner of a parking lot. The abilities of the Starlit Ones are focused on restoring the harmonies that exist in this world. Yet, there is more to it than that.

The Starlit Ones are often involved in activities like gardening, permaculture, library science, education, caregiving, computing, etc. Many of these pursuits have to do with creating networks and connections -- between people and people, people and nature, people and information, people and the substance that supports them, etc. All of these, in turn, underly an overarching effort to reunite the realms -- this realm and the realms beyond the veil. Perhaps "Reunite" is the wrong word - they were never separate. It's more of an effort to "Harmonize" the two realms, so that we can access all realms with ease and will not harm them. Thus, those from other realms can once again co-exist with us and we with them.

All of this is of course my conjecture only. Whatever the reason is that the Starlit Ones have come, I hope they are able to fulfill it, and if they leave, I hope they don't leave me behind...

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